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Areas We Treat:

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Phonological Disorders

  • Late Talkers/Language Delays

  • Receptive Language Disorders

  • Expressive Language Disorders

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Early Literacy

  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Individualized Therapy Sessions

Here at Bluebonnet Therapy Services, our therapy sessions are play-based and child-centered. We believe in focusing on each child’s strengths, needs, and specific interests. We truly believe that children learn best in play and when a relationship has been established. Therapy services are provided in our office, in-home, at your child’s daycare, preschool, or private school. Please note that home and school sessions are limited. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 30 or 45 minutes, depending on your child’s age and needs. Caregivers are always encouraged to be an active participant in our therapy sessions. We feel strongly that this allows for the best carryover of skills outside of the therapy sessions since you are with your child the most.

Services Available:

Bluebonnet Therapy Services provides individualized services to each of our clients.

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Speech & Language Screenings

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Are you unsure if your child needs speech therapy or an evaluation? Bluebonnet Therapy Services offers developmental screenings that briefly assess speech, language, play skills, and social skills. Screenings are a great way to quickly look at age-appropriate skills to determine if a full evaluation is warranted. After the screening is completed, we will discuss the results with you and provide appropriate recommendations. We also provide free 20-minute initial consultations. These may be conducted over the phone or virtually. During this consultation, we are able to discuss specific concerns or questions you may have in order to determine the appropriate next step for your child. This is also a great time to learn more about our practice and our speech-language pathologist. 

Comprehensive Evaluations

An evaluation is completed prior to beginning speech and language therapy in order to identify areas of need and determine your child’s current speech or language skill level. An evaluation helps us develop an appropriate treatment plan that is best suited for your child. Bluebonnet Therapy Services uses formal and informal test measures, background information/medical history, a parent interview, child and therapist play interaction, clinical observations of play, and a speech and language sample. Speech and language evaluations typically take 45-60 minutes depending on the child’s age, attention, and current skill level. Once the evaluation is complete, Bluebonnet Therapy Services will provide you with a detailed report with evaluation results/findings, recommendations and a proposed treatment plan, if your child qualifies for therapy services.

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Community Education/Training

We are passionate about providing education within the community about the importance of early intervention, typical speech and language development, important signs to look for if a child needs an evaluation, and strategies for supporting speech and language development at home. We are available to give presentations at local schools, daycares and within private community groups. Contact us for more information regarding opportunities for community education, daycare screenings, and parent/staff trainings. We believe in the power of early intervention and love to discuss the benefits of early identification of speech and language disorders.

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School IEP Consultations

We understand that navigating school speech therapy services and school terminology may be difficult and confusing. We are happy to walk you through this process. Our licensed speech-language pathologist has years of experience working in the school system. We are available to review Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and provide support to you as needed.

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Parent Coaching/Training

Are you looking for advice or education on how you can help support your child’s communication skills at home? Parent coaching is designed to benefit all children, whereas speech therapy is designed for a child who has been diagnosed with a speech/language delay or disorder. Parent coaching involves educating the parent or caregiver on specific speech and language strategies to help support their child’s development. Parent coaching is offered by phone or virtually via Zoom and at a frequency that works for you.

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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial myology is “the study and treatment of oral and facial muscles as they relate to speech, dentition, chewing/bolus collection, swallowing, an overall mental and physical health” (Sandra R. Holtzman). Through orofacial myofunctional therapy, we work on facial and tongue exercises to promote (1) an accurate resting posture (e.g., where your jaw, teeth, tongue and lips are correctly placed); and (2) adequate chewing and swallowing through the elimination of a tongue thrust. We work closely with ENTs, Orthodontists, Dentists, Oral Surgeons and other professionals in the area in order to provide your child with the best treatment plan and outcomes. Myofunctional therapy is ideal for children who are 4 years and older. If you’re unsure if your child would benefit from an orofacial myofunctional evaluation, please give us a call or schedule a free initial consultation.

Signs/Symptoms of an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder:

  • Tongue thrust (e.g., tongue pushing past the teeth, even when a person is not talking or using the tongue)

  • Open mouth at rest

  • Mouth breathing during the day and/or night

  • Difficulty nasal breathing

  • Excessive drooling, especially past 2 years

  • Frequent chapped lips

  • Prolonged oral habits (e.g., thumb or finger sucking, nail biting, pacifier use)

  • Difficulties with chewing or swallowing

  • Articulation problems, particularly with the following sounds: t, d, n, s, z, sh, ch, j

  • Dental abnormalities 

  • Long facial growth, recessed chin

  • Poor sleep, dark circles under eyes, daytime drowsiness, snoring, frequent headaches

  • TMJ issues

  • Tongue or lip tie

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Playing with Baby
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“Bluebonnet Therapy Services is awesome! She’s been working with my son for almost 6 months now and switching to her was the best decision we made. We immediately saw a difference, and his progress has been outstanding. Not to mention how patient she is with my 4 year old energetic, growing boy. She’s very professional, yet she gives my child that southern motherly care!  I’m looking forward to seeing how well he speaks in the future. Thank you Bluebonnet Therapy Services!”

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