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Childhood Apraxia of Speech • Articulation • Phonological Disorders • Language Delays & Disorders • Late Talkers • Autism • Developmental Delays • Early Literacy • Gestalt Language Processing • AAC


Are you unsure if your child needs therapy or an evaluation?


Bluebonnet Therapy Services offers developmental screenings that briefly assess speech, language, play skills, and social skills. Screenings are a great way to quickly look at age-appropriate skills to determine if a full evaluation is warranted.


After the screening is completed, we will review the results with you and provide recommendations.


We also offer free 15-minute phone consultations to discuss specific concerns or questions you may have. This is also a great time to learn more about our practice and how speech therapy works.


As a new client, your child will begin with a comprehensive evaluation so that we can determine what their current skill levels are. Evaluations also help our team create a therapy plan and select what goals we will work on in speech therapy. 


During the evaluation with your speech therapist, we will use a variety of formal and informal tools, along with a review of background information and medical history, parent interview, observations of your child, and interactions/play with your child.

Speech and language evaluations typically take 45-60 minutes, depending on the child’s age, attention, and current skill level. After the evaluation, Bluebonnet Therapy Services will provide you with a report and review the results and our recommendations.

Child receiving play-based speech therapy for a language delay


If your child has a limited vocabulary or struggles to pronounce certain sounds, speech therapy can help! We will work toward your child's individual goals to help them: 

  • Speak more clearly with accurate speech sounds

  • Express their needs, thoughts, and ideas

  • Feel less frustrated about others not understanding

  • Confidently communicate with others

Our speech therapists know that children learn best in play, so you’ll find us working toward speech goals while building with blocks, cooking up a pretend meal, popping bubbles, digging in sensory bins, or doing crafts. Parents are always encouraged to join in and learn new ways to support communication at home!


Does your child repeat lines from TV shows, movies, and songs? Do they speak with a rich melody or say long, hard-to-understand sentences? These are only a few of the qualities that we see in our gestalt language processors. At Bluebonnet Therapy Services, we will use the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) approach to help your child:

  • Continue to build language in the way that they learn best — delayed echolalia and scripting

  • Expand their vocabulary to create new sentences

  • Understand, ask, and answer questions

  • Say what they want to say in their own words

Our speech therapists make therapy a positive experience by modeling language naturally during play. We include your child’s special interests, favorite toys, music, and sensory-motor activities in sessions. Our commitment to neurodiversity-affirming care means that we always honor your child's unique way of communicating!

Autistic child receiving speech therapy for gestalt language processors using the NLA framework
Non-speaking child using an AAC app to communicate during speech therapy


If your child is non-speaking, minimally-speaking, or often feels frustrated trying to communicate, they may benefit from AAC in speech therapy. We support you in finding the AAC system that best fits your child's needs so that they can:

  • Communicate through speech, pictures, signs, gestures, and/or a high-tech speech-generating device

  • Successfully express their thoughts and get their needs met with less frustration

  • Interact more effectively with other children and adults

We meet each child where they're at, which often means we're on the floor playing with toys together. Our goal is to help your child communicate in the way that works best for them, however that looks. We also encourage you to join in and learn AAC strategies that you can use in daily life.


We are passionate about educating our community about typical speech and language development, common signs that a child needs an evaluation, the importance of early intervention, and strategies for supporting communication at home.


We offer presentations at local schools and daycares and within private community groups. Contact us for more information regarding community education, daycare screenings, and parent/staff trainings.


We understand that it can be challenging to navigate special education terminology and school speech therapy services.


We are happy to walk you through this process. Our speech therapy team has years of experience working in the school system.


We are available to review Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and support you every step of the way.


Bluebonnet Therapy Services provides speech therapy for children in Tomball, TX.

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